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Bertini :: importIncidenceMatrix

importIncidenceMatrix -- Imports an incidence matrix file after running makeMembershipFile.



After running makeMembershipFile Bertini produces an incidence_matrix file. The incidence_matrix says which points belong to which components. Our incidence matrix is flattened to a list. The number of elemenets in theIM is equal to the number of points in the solutions file. Each element of theIM is a list of sequences of 2 elements (codim,component Number). Note that we follow the Bertini convention and switch from (dimension,component number) indexing to (codimension,component number) indexing.

If the NameIncidenceMatrixFile option is set when we want to import files with a different name.

i1 : makeB'InputFile(storeBM2Files,
         BertiniInputConfiguration=>{{TrackType,1}},    AffVariableGroup=>{x,y,z},    B'Polynomials=>{"z*((x+y+z)^3-1)","z*(y^2-3+z)"}    );
i2 : runBertini(storeBM2Files)
i3 : makeSampleSolutionsFile(storeBM2Files,2,SpecifyComponent=>{1,0})
i4 : makeMembershipFile(storeBM2Files,NameSolutionsFile=>"sample_solutions_file")
i5 : theIM=importIncidenceMatrix(storeBM2Files)

o5 = {{(2, 0)}, {(2, 0)}}

o5 : List

Ways to use importIncidenceMatrix :

For the programmer

The object importIncidenceMatrix is a method function with options.