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Macaulay2Doc :: finding your files under cygwin

finding your files under cygwin

In Microsoft Windows, most people run programs by pulling down menus or by clicking on icons that have been carefully placed there by install programs. Thus the idea of a path along which to search for programs (such as a browser) is no longer useful in Windows.

On my computer the browser program firefox.exe is in the following directory.

    C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox
But M2 is a Cygwin program, and it lives in a different world, where paths to files don't ever start out with something like C:. In that world, firefox's directory is known instead as:
     /cygdrive/c/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox
Conversely, the root directory, known in the Cygwin world as /, could be located anywhere in the Windows world. On my machine it is at
Use the df command or the mount command in a cygwin command shell window to determine that path: it is the file system on which / is mounted.