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MonodromySolver :: completeGraphInit

completeGraphInit -- initialize the topology of a complete graph


This is an option for the function monodromySolve which uses a complete graph. For instance, the user can choose to have 4 vertices and 2 edges connecting each pair of vertices. Then the homotopy will run on the complete graph on 4 vertices, where each edge is doubled.

i1 : R = CC[a,b,c,d][x,y];
i2 : polys = polySystem {a*x+b*y^2,c*x*y+d};
i3 : monodromySolve(polys,GraphInitFunction => completeGraphInit)

o3 = (HomotopyNode{...7...}, 4)

o3 : Sequence

For the programmer

The object completeGraphInit is a function closure.