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MonodromySolver :: createSeedPair

createSeedPair -- create initial seed for the homotopy continuation



The "seed pair" appearing in the output of this function is used to initialize the HomotopyGraph in blackbox solvers. To diagnose failures for the parametric solvers, it may be helpful to check that seeding worked as in the example provided below.

i1 : setRandomSeed 0

o1 = 0
i2 : R = CC[a,b,c,d][x,y];
i3 : polys = polySystem {a*x+b*y^2,c*x*y+d};
i4 : (p0,x0) := createSeedPair polys;
i5 : polys0=specializeSystem(p0,polys);
i6 : apply(polys0,p->sub(p,{x=>first x0.Coordinates,y=>last x0.Coordinates}))

o6 = {-5.55112e-17, -5.55112e-17-1.66533e-16*ii}

o6 : List

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Ways to use createSeedPair :

For the programmer

The object createSeedPair is a method function with options.