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MonodromySolver :: flowerGraphAugment

flowerGraphAugment -- augment graph with the flower graph structure


This is a possible value of the option AugmentGraphFunction of the function monodromySolve. It will augment the graph while respecting the flower graph structure, so it should be used in conjunction with flowerGraphInit. To use it, it is necessary to specify a number of nodes or edges to augment by using AugmentNodeCount or AugmentEdgeCount.

i1 : R = CC[a,b,c,d][x,y];
i2 : polys = polySystem {a*x+b*y^2,c*x*y+d};
i3 : monodromySolve(polys,GraphInitFunction => flowerGraphInit, AugmentGraphFunction=>flowerGraphAugment,AugmentNodeCount=>1, AugmentNumberOfRepeats=>3)

o3 = (HomotopyNode{...7...}, 24)

o3 : Sequence

For the programmer

The object flowerGraphAugment is a function closure.