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MonodromySolver :: potentialLowerBound

potentialLowerBound -- the potential which is equal to the minimal number of new points guaranteed to be discovered


This is an option for the Potential option for monodromySolve when we use selectBestEdgeAndDirection option to select edge and direction. This option observes discovered and undiscovered points first, and then follows the homotopy which has the minimal number of new points quaranteed to be found.

i1 : R = CC[a,b,c,d][x,y];
i2 : polys = polySystem {a*x+b*y^2,c*x*y+d};
i3 : (V, npaths) = monodromySolve(polys,SelectEdgeAndDirection=>selectBestEdgeAndDirection, Potential=>potentialLowerBound)

o3 = (HomotopyNode{...7...}, 3)

o3 : Sequence
i4 : G = V.Graph;
i5 : apply(toList G.Edges,e->e.Potential12)--potentials for all edges of a given direction

o5 = {0, 0, 0, 0}

o5 : List

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For the programmer

The object potentialLowerBound is a function closure.