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MonomialIntegerPrograms :: dimensionIP

dimensionIP -- compute the dimension of a monomial ideal using integer programming



This function calls codimensionIP and then returns $n$-codimensionIP($I$), where $n$ is the number of variables in the polynomial ring where $I$ is defined. The integer programming input and output files created will therefore be named "codim.zpl", "codim.errors", etc. as with codimensionIP.

i1 : R = QQ[x,y,z,w,v];
i2 : I = monomialIdeal(x*y*w, x*z*v, y*x, y*z*v);

o2 : MonomialIdeal of R
i3 : dimensionIP(I)
Codim files saved in directory: /tmp/M2-9918-0/0

o3 = 3

The location of input/output files for SCIP solving is printed to the screen by default. To change this, see ScipPrintLevel.

i4 : ScipPrintLevel = 0;
i5 : J = monomialIdeal(x*y^3*z^7, y^4*w*v, z^2*v^8, x*w^3*v^3, y^10, z^10)

                     10     3 7   10   4        3 3   2 8
o5 = monomialIdeal (y  , x*y z , z  , y w*v, x*w v , z v )

o5 : MonomialIdeal of R
i6 : dimensionIP(J)

o6 = 2

The dimension of a monomial ideal is equal to the dimension of its radical. Therefore, when looking at the IP formulation written to the temporary file "codim.zpl", you will see that exponents are ignored.

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Ways to use dimensionIP :

For the programmer

The object dimensionIP is a method function.