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MonomialIntegerPrograms :: loadSCIPCodimAndDegree

loadSCIPCodimAndDegree -- change codim and degree to use the default, built-in methods.



When the package gets loaded, codim and degree are replaced with codimensionIP and degreeIP respectively for a MonomialIdeal. loadSCIPCodimAndDegree can be used to reload the the SCIP methods in the event that loadBuiltinCodimAndDegree was called.

i1 : R = QQ[a,b,c];
i2 : ScipPrintLevel = 1;
i3 : loadBuiltinCodimAndDegree();
i4 : codim(monomialIdeal(a^2, b*a, c*b))

o4 = 2
i5 : degree(monomialIdeal(a^2, b*a, c*b))

o5 = 3
i6 : loadSCIPCodimAndDegree();
i7 : codim(monomialIdeal(a^2, b*a, c*b))
Codim files saved in directory: /tmp/M2-8610-0/0

o7 = 2
i8 : degree(monomialIdeal(a^2, b*a, c*b))
Codim files saved in directory: /tmp/M2-8610-0/1
Degree files saved in directory: /tmp/M2-8610-0/2

o8 = 3

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Ways to use loadSCIPCodimAndDegree :

For the programmer

The object loadSCIPCodimAndDegree is a method function.