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NormalToricVarieties :: isVeryAmple(ToricDivisor)

isVeryAmple(ToricDivisor) -- whether a torus-invariant Weil divisor is very ample



A Cartier divisor is very ample when it is basepoint free and the map arising from its complete linear series is a closed embedding. On a normal toric variety, the following are equivalent:

  • the divisor is a very ample divisor;
  • for every vertex of the associated lattice polytope associated to the divsor, the corresponding semigroup is saturated in the group characters.

On a smooth normal toric variety every ample divisor is very ample.

i1 : PP3 = toricProjectiveSpace 3;
i2 : assert isAmple PP3_0
i3 : assert isVeryAmple PP3_0
i4 : FF2 = hirzebruchSurface 2;
i5 : assert isAmple (FF2_2 + FF2_3)
i6 : assert isVeryAmple (FF2_2 + FF2_3)

A Cartier divisor is ample when some positive integer multiple is very ample. On a normal toric variety of dimension $d$, the $(d-1)$ multiple of any ample divisor is always very ample.

i7 : X = normalToricVariety matrix {{0,1,0,0,1},{0,0,1,0,1},{0,0,0,1,1},{0,0,0,0,3}};
i8 : assert (dim X === 4)
i9 : D = 3*X_0

o9 = 3*X

o9 : ToricDivisor on X
i10 : assert isAmple D
i11 : assert not isVeryAmple D
i12 : assert not isVeryAmple (2*D)
i13 : assert isVeryAmple (3*D)

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