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NormalToricVarieties :: working with toric maps

working with toric maps -- information about toric maps and the induced operations

A toric map is a morphism $f : X \to Y$ between normal toric varieties that induces a morphism of algebraic groups $g : T_X \to T_Y$ such that $f$ is $T_X$-equivariant with respect to the $T_X$-action on $Y$ induced by $g$. Every toric map $f : X \to Y$ corresponds to a unique map $f_N : N_X \to N_Y$ between the underlying lattices.

Although the primary method for creating a toric map is map(NormalToricVariety,NormalToricVariety,Matrix), there are a few other constructors.

Making toric maps

Having made a toric map, one can access its basic invariants or test for some elementary properties by using the following methods.

Determining attributes and properties of toric maps

Several functorial aspects of normal toric varieties are also available.

Functorial aspects of toric maps

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