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SimplicialComplexes :: SimplicialComplexes

SimplicialComplexes -- simplicial complexes


SimplicialComplexes is a package for manipulating simplicial complexes.

A simplicial complex on a set of vertices is a collection of subsets D of these vertices, such that if F is in D, then every subset of F is also in D. In Macaulay2, the vertices are variables in a polynomial ring, and each subset is represented as a product of the corresponding variables.

There is a bijection between simplicial complexes and squarefree monomial ideals. This package exploits this correspondence by using commutative algebra routines to perform most of the necessary computations.

This package includes the following functions:



This documentation describes version 1.2 of SimplicialComplexes.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file SimplicialComplexes.m2.


For the programmer

The object SimplicialComplexes is a package.