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SubalgebraBases :: debugPrintAllMaps

debugPrintAllMaps -- Prints the maps associated with a subring.



Prints a summary in human-readable format of the maps contained in the PresRing of a Subring instance.

i1 : R = QQ[t_1, t_2];
i2 : subR = subring matrix(R, {{t_1^2, t_1*t_2, t_2^2}});
i3 : debugPrintAllMaps(subR)
-- PresRing map info dump:
-- sagbiInclusion:
maps p_0 to 0
maps p_1 to 0
maps p_2 to p_2
maps p_3 to p_3
maps p_4 to p_4
-- projectionAmbient:
maps p_0 to t_1
maps p_1 to t_2
maps p_2 to 0
maps p_3 to 0
maps p_4 to 0
-- inclusionAmbient:
maps t_1 to p_0
maps t_2 to p_1
-- substitution:
maps p_0 to p_0
maps p_1 to p_1
maps p_2 to p_1^2
maps p_3 to p_0*p_1
maps p_4 to p_0^2
-- fullSubstitution:
maps p_0 to t_1
maps p_1 to t_2
maps p_2 to t_2^2
maps p_3 to t_1*t_2
maps p_4 to t_1^2
-- End PresRing map info dump.

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Ways to use debugPrintAllMaps :

For the programmer

The object debugPrintAllMaps is a method function.